The CIG 2018 Organising Committee invites proposals for new competitions. Proposals are due by January 15, 2018, and will be reviewed based on their relevance to the CIG community. The competitions involve well-known games, defining a set of rules and objectives for determining the score of each player. Please, contact the competition chair ( to send your proposal.

Please, include the following information with your proposal:

    – Organisers’ names.
    – Competition title.
    – Description of the competition (about 200 words).
    – Web address.
    – Whether the competition will have several tracks or not, and if they should be considered different competitions or a single one.
    – [New] Video of the competition/tracks (see below).

Please, also observe the following two points:

1) The IEEE CIS Student Game-Based Competition Sub-Committee (SGBC; determined, in agreement with the latest Games TC meeting held at CIG 2017, that all competitions (including all tracks) must provide a short video for entrants. Competitions that do not provide this video will not be accepted at CIG 2018. This requirement applies to both new and old competitions. The objective of creating these videos is to raise the general quality of our competitions and attract as many participants as possible by providing an easier start with the respective frameworks. The duration of the video is to be decided by the organizers, but it should have (English) subtitles to aid non-native English speakers. The content should demo concepts like how to install the required software packages, write an entry for the competition and submission instructions. The rationale is that if the whole process can be shown in less than 5 minutes, participants will feel more encouraged to participate and prepare a submission for the contest.

2) The awarding policy for winners of IEEE competitions is available on the IEEE CIS SGBC webpage ( It would be beneficial for all competitions that your website announces and links to this page, to promote participation.

Competition papers

These are regular papers (up to 8 pages) that describe one or more entries to the competitions that are running at this year’s CIG. Competition papers need to include evaluation of the contribution, including (if possible) results on the same benchmark as that used by the competition, and comparison to other competition entries. Because the problem domain is well-known, these papers can be reviewed faster than regular papers. The same quality standards will apply to competition papers as to regular papers. Competition papers should be submitted by May 15th, 2018.