Started under the name NVKI, the BNVKI-AIABN (Belgian-Dutch Association for Artificial Intelligence) was founded in 1981 by 19 enthousiastic AI-researchers. After a startup period the association took the initiative in 1988 for a yearly conference series, originally named NAIC, but renamed to BNAIC, Belgian-Dutch Conference on Artificial Intelligence, since 1999, to underline the transnational bonds between the Netherlands and Belgium AI research. Since 2008, the association chose to name the conference BNAIC: Benelux Conference on Artificial Intelligence to reflect the incorporation of Luxembourg into the association.

The main goals of the BNAIC are two-fold:
  • to bring together AI researchers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, as a place to meet and to present research activities.
  • to present high-quality research results, possibly already published in international conferences or journals.
The format of the BNAIC is therefore a mixture of a meeting place and a forum for good-quality research results. This forms a balance that has proven to be successful in the previous years, as is shown by the high number of participants each year.

Since 2004, the Proceedings of BNAIC are published under ISSN 1568-7805.

Previously, BNAIC Conferences were organized in:

2011     Gent        1999     Maastricht
2010     Luxembourg        1998     Amsterdam
2009     Eindhoven        1997     Antwerp
2008     Enschede        1996     Utrecht
2007     Utrecht        1995     Rotterdam
2006     Namur        1994     Amsterdam
2005     Brussels        1993     Enschede
2004     Groningen        1992     Delft
2003     Nijmegen        1991     Amsterdam
2002     Leuven        1990     Kerkrade
2001     Amsterdam        1989     Enschede
2000     Kaatsheuvel        1988     Amsterdam

For more information on past and future BNAICs, see http://www.bnaic.org.

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