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Sint Servaasbrug Welcome to Maastricht, one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, a city that has ripened well with age, like good wine, with complex and lively cultural overtones added over centuries by the Romans, Germans and French. This rich cultural palette is the secret behind the city’s attractiveness, drawing visitors to the historic city centre and a wealth of museums and festivals, making each visit a fascinating new experience.

Jesuits Convent and the current School of Business and Economics

The BNAIC venue is the former Jesuits Convent and the current School of Business and Economics. It is located at the Tongersestraat 53 in Maastricht, which is only five minutes walk from the Vrijthof and twenty five minutes from the railway station. You may also take the bus 3, 4 or 9 at the railway station.

To get to the conference location, enter the green gate on the left site of the building. After entering the gate you will see the glass entrance of the building on your right. The registration desk will be in front of you after you have entered the building.

Conference Reception

City Hall

The conference reception is offered by the municipality of Maastricht. It will take place on Thursday afternoon in the City Hall, which is located on the Markt.

The City Hall originates form 1664 and is designed by Pieter Post. The City Hall is known for its beautiful interior, especially the central hall and the Prinsenkamer.

Conference Dinner

Thiessen Wijnkoopers

The conference dinner takes place in the building of Thiessen Wijnkoopers. Thiessen Wijnkoopers one of the oldest wine houses in The Netherlands. It was founded in 1740 and it is located in a historic building located at the Grote Gracht 18, near the City Hall.

Practical Information

Maastricht University      Department of Knowledge Engineering
1992-2012: Twenty years bachelor and master Knowledge Engineering

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