Student housing UM Guesthouse

Maastricht Housing is the official housing agency for Maastricht University. They work closely together with Maastricht University and offer students of summer schools and conferences a special deal on housing. The UM Guesthouse offers furnished rooms that can be reserved well in advance of your arrival.

Please note: delegates from low-income countries are also allowed to book a room at the UM guesthouse.

All the rooms are furnished and decorated and you will live together with fellow students.

Brouwersweg 100, Maastricht
Approx. 10-15 minutes walk to venue. 
Please click here for a map of all conference venues and locations.

Room types

C-building (from € 12 / day)
3 floors with 4 hallways each with single and double rooms. 12-15 guests occupy each hallway and share a fully equipped communal kitchen, shower room and there are separate womens and mens toilets. The small A-type rooms are located just outside each hallway. There is a completely equipped kitchen in each hall.

P-building (from € 12,80 / day)
2 floors and 3 hallways each with studios, single rooms and most are double rooms. Each room has its own completely furnished kitchen. About 20- 25 guests share the communal showers in each hallway. There are separate womens and mens toilets.

How to book a room?

Go to www.maastrichthousing.com and click on students.
You will see 4 options and you need to choose the option Summer School/Games 2016. You need to register to the website, which will cost €35 once. 

Select a room
The website automatically filters the Guesthouse UM offerings that do not apply to your specific student type. Some Guesthouse UM locations are allocated to exchange students, while others are only available for bachelor’s and/or master’s students.

1. You will be asked to indicate your exact arrival and departure dates. The search results will be limited to the options that are still available.
2. Select the option ‘Reserve now’, which is visible after you select a room.

You will now be asked to pay. This is the rent for the days you will be staying at the Guesthouse.  The room is not yet reserved until we receive the down payment! Until that time, other students will be able to book the room. This system is comparable to that used by hotels. Once the down payment has been processed, you will receive an official confirmation email.

After you select a room, you will be automatically redirected to the payment page. Follow the instructions on the screen. We accept the following payment methods:
a. iDEAL
b. PayPal
c. GiroPay
d. International or domestic bank transfer
Payment via credit card can only be accepted if the credit card is connected to your PayPal account.

Room assignment
After the down payment has been received, our employees will confirm your booking. You will receive an email confirming your reservation.
If someone else booked the room while you were waiting for your payment to be processed, we will convert your down payment into positive credits that can be used to book another available room in a location of your choosing. Once you select a new room, you will be assigned to it immediately (since your down payment has already been received). If the Guesthouse UM becomes fully booked while your down payment is in process, we can refund it to you; in that case, please send us a message at Guesthouse@maastrichtuniversity.nl. Please note: the Maastricht Housing membership fee is nonrefundable!

Cancelling/changing a contract prior to arrival

If you need to cancel/change your contract before you arrive, you can do so based on a number of conditions:
- You can cancel/change your reservation and receive a full refund up to one month prior to the start date of the contract. Ýou will only lose the cleaning fee (to cover administration costs).
- If you cancel/change the contract less than one month before arrival, you will lose your FULL down payment.
- Membership fees paid to Maastricht Housing are non-refundable.