Pictures made during the conference are available through the following hyperlinks: 

Presidential Address & Welcome Reception

2.1 Nobel Session

2.2 Executive Lunch

2.3 President-Elect Address

2.4 EC'16 Reception & Posters

3.1 Von Neumann Lecture

3.2 Conference Dinner

4.1 Kalai Prize Lecture

4.2 Morgenstern Lecture

4.3 Brightlands Party

5.1 Shapley Lecture

5.2 Farewell BBQ GAMES

Semi-Plenary Sessions

Except from those of the Kalai Prize Lecture and the Brightlands Party, these pictures were made by Peter Müllenberg, Photostique
Pictures of the Brightlands Party were made by Harry Heuts.

Pictures of the performing artist Nick Steur are not to be distributed any further.