4. Courses

Below is a list of courses taught by NSO members that are directly related to our research lines. A more comprehensive list of DKE courses is available here. NSO members also provide courses for The Maastricht Science Program, for University College Maastricht and the Maastricht Systems Biology Master.

NSO members are also available for supervision of bachelor and masters graduation projects, a summary of recent thesis projects is available here. A total of at least 30 possible thesis topics to work on can be found here: NSO thesis topics 2016, but students are welcome to drop by for a discussion on what topic would suit them best.

BSc Knowledge Engineering, Maastricht University

  • Databases
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Graph Theory
  • Introduction to Knowledge Engineering
  • Linear Programming
  • Logic
  • Operations Research Case Studies
  • Game Theory
  • Prolog
  • Reasoning Techniques
  • Theoretical Computer Science

MSc Data Science for Decision Making, Maastricht University

  • Stochastic Decision Making
  • Dynamic Game Theory
  • Algorithms for Big Data
  • Planning and Scheduling

MSc Artificial Intelligence, Maastricht University

  • Intelligent Search and Games

PhD Operations Research, LNMB, Utrecht

  • Noncooperative Game Theory

BSc Scientific Programming, RWTH Aachen University

  • Operations Research