This is the homepage of Research Group NSO. Here you can find infomation on our research, on the courses we teach, and on upcoming events that relate to our work.

Latest News (February 18, 2014): NSO is participating in the organization of the ECAI Computer Games Workshop 2014, which will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, August 2014. For more information, have a look at the workshop website.

News (December 6, 2013): NSO is participating in the Programme Committee of the 16th International Symposium on Dynamic Games and Applications, which will be held July 9-12, 2014 at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. More information is available at the symposium website.

News (December 4, 2013): Launch of plan for Knowledge Engineering students to combine study and work. Information available in Dutch press message and  local news website. For questions contact f.thuijsman@maastrichtuniversity.nl.

News (December 2, 2013): Pim Nijssen successfully defended his PhD thesis Monte-Carlo Tree Search for Multi-Player Games.

News (November 21, 2013): NSO-member Steven Kelk has been awarded a TOP-grant by NWO on his project Phylogenetic incongruence at the limits of algorithmic graph theory. 

News (November 14, 2013): In a comparative study of Dutch bachelor programs on Artificial Intelligence, our BSc Knowledge Engineering ranked first with a score of 78 points, where the second best had only 64.