BSc / MSc Projects

Here is a list of bachelor and master graduation projects from recent years that have been supervised by NSO staff members. For academic year 2015-2016 we have some suggested BSc and MSc thesis topics here: NSO-thesis-topics-2016.

Steven Kelk

  • Parsimony distance games on binary phylogenetic trees (BSc)
  • Comparative Study on Cost Control and Cost Risk Management in
    Telecommunication Network Sites (BSc)
  • Towards an O(1) treewidth oracle (BSc)
  • Improved transaction fraud detection by graph mining (MSc)
  • Parsimony distance: an impoved linear bound on the number of states in optimal convex characters when the distance is two (BSc)
  • Strategies for the Directed Feedback Vertex Set (DFVS) problem (BSc)
  • The Pedagogy of Linear Programming (BSc)
  • An Integer Linear Program for Computation of Tree Bisection and Reconnection Distance Between Two Phylogenetic Trees (BSc)
  • Rooted Phylogenetic Networks: computing hybridization number via softwired clusters (MSc)
  • Minimum Perfect Phylogeny Haplotyping: in Search of a New Island of Tractability (BSc)
  • Travelling Repairman Problem on Caterpillar Trees (BSc)
  • Minimizing the total travel distance for tournaments (BSc)
  • On the complexity and solving of building a circle out of a dense set of quartets (BSc)
  • Integer Linear Programming for Constructing Phylogenetic Trees from Rooted Triplets (BSc)
  • An Upper Bound on Prefix Reversals applied to Ternary Strings (BSc)
  • Worst case approximation ratio for the hybridization number of phylogenetic trees (BSc)
  • Improving Usability of Phylogenetic Network Software through Preprocessing (MSc)
  • A Hospital Ward Scheduling Case – Constraint Programming vs. Integer Linear Programming (MSc)
  • 5-Colourable Graphs of Degree 6 (BSc)

Frank Thuijsman

  • The Music of Games (BSc).
  • Fitting and Sampling of Multi-Compartment Models to Diffusion Weighted MRI Data (MSc).
  • Modeling the Development of Obesity in Populations (MSc).
  • A Cooperative Game Theory Application in Blackbird Broods Food Allocation (MSc).
  • Océ Service Engineers Calculation Model (MSc).
  • Experiments in Local Evolutionary Dynamics (MSc).
  • Linear Programming in Secondary School (BSc).
  • Local Replicator Dynamics and the Evolution of Bacterial Populations Playing a Game of Rock-Paper-Scissors (BSc).
  • Searching in Networks (BSc).
  • A Model of the Oviposition Behavior of Copidosoma koehleri Parasitoid Wasps (BSc).
  • Optimal Stopping and Secretary Problems (MSc).
  • The Evolution of Populations using Local Replicator Dynamics (BSc).
  • A Cyber Application for Business Decision Making (BSc).
  • Auctions and Evolutionary Games (MSc).
  • Optimizing the Arrangement of the Storage Yard of a Brickworks (MSc).
  • Hide and Seek Games (MSc).
  • Beehaviour (MSc).
  • Search Strategies (BSc).
  • Correlated Equilibria (MSc).
  • “Get Connected!” (MSc).
  • Cake Division (MSc).
  • β-Rationality, a Study on Ungreedy Equilibria (MSc).
  • Modelling of Call Forecasting for a Call Center (MSc).
  • Equilibria in Polytope Games (MSc).
  • Sets of Equilibria in Stochastic Games (MSc).
  • Recursive Games (MSc).