Accepted Tutorials

The EASSS 2018 will offer tutorials on Reinforcement and Deep Learning, Game Theory, Logics, Communication, Auctions, Negotiations, Optimization, Intelligent Search and Applications.

Agent-Based Negotiation Reyhan Aydoğan
Catholijn Jonker
Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning and Dynamics of Learning Daan Bloembergen
Michael Kaisers
A shallow introduction to deep learning for agents Kurt Driessens
Jerry Spanakis
Auctions and Markets: Understanding Incentives for Multi-Agent Systems in the Presence of Scarcity Aris Filos-Ratsikas
Paul Tylkin
Logics for strategic reasoning in multi-agent systems Valentin Goranko
Communication issues in multi-agent decision-making Nicolas Maudet
Fundamentals of Reinforcement Learning Ann Nowé
Diederik M. Roijers
Introduction to Formal Argumentation Theory Nir Oren
Federico Cerutti
Epistemic Game Theory Andrés Perea
Type-based Communication Correctness in Multi-agent Systems Jorge A. Perez
Distributed Constraint Optimization for the Internet-of-Things Gauthier Picard
Pierre Rust
Introduction to judgment aggregation Daniele Porello
Logics of agency Daniele Porello
Nicolas Troquard
Stable Matchings: in Theory and in Practice Baharak Rastegari
Predicting Human Decision-Making: From Prediction to Action Ariel Rosenfeld
Models of the Collective Behaviour of Autonomous Cars László Z. Varga
Learning Agent Systems for a Reliable, Pro-Active Power Grid Management — Towards the AI-empowered Grid Eric Veith
Intelligent Search Techniques Mark Winands
Cameron Browne
Agent-Based Modelling for Social Simulation Neil Yorke-Smith