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THE INFINITY GAMES is a special collaboration between artist Marie van Vollenhoven and computer-science/a.i. experts dr. Jerry Spanakis and professor Gerhard Weiss. In a two year research project (2017-2019) they are looking for the logics behind harmony in visual and musical compositions.

The project is devided in two parts:

1. Scientific research in the lab and via an oline survey
2. Live theatrical performances with input of the audience

To learn more please read the ABOUT page.


  • TOUR DATES > lectures & performances
  • UPDATES > Teaching a computer to understand harmony and let it create its own compositions – BLOG
  • PLAY THE GAME! Online research: an online game where you can play and help with our research


An initiative of Marie van Vollenhoven, director of IN INFINITY PRODUCTIONS
The project is supported by  Theatre de Liège, Jazz Maastricht & EU partners within the IMPACT PROJECT
The performances are supported by talent development agency VIA ZUID