SIKS-DKE Symposium: Monte-Carlo Search is Everywhere

9:00-12:00 Monday, December 2, 2013
Maastricht University, Department of Knowledge Engineering

Maastricht, Bouillonstraat 8-10, room 0.015

It is our pleasure to invite you to the symposium: “Monte-Carlo Search is Everywhere”, which will take place on December 2, 2013, in Maastricht. The symposium is sponsored by SIKS, BNVKI, and DKE. The event is part of the advanced components stage of the educational program for SIKS PhD-students.

The international symposium “Monte-Carlo Search is Everywhere” will give an outline on recent developments on the topic of Monte-Carlo search techniques for different classes of games (one-, two- or multi-player games, sequential or simultaneous, stochastic or deterministic, and imperfect information games). The symposium will be followed by the public defence of Pim Nijssen’s Ph.D. Thesis, entitled "Monte-Carlo Tree Search for Multi-Player Games".

Participation is free.

09:00-09:15 : Welcome (Dr. Mark Winands, Maastricht University)

09:15-9:45: MCTS for Simultaneous Move Games (Dr. Marc Lanctot, Maastricht University)

09:45-10:30: Nested Monte-Carlo Search (Prof. dr. Tristan Cazenave, Université Paris-Dauphine)

10:30-10:45: Break 

10:45-11:15: MCTS and Minimax Hybrids (Hendrik Baier M.Sc, Maastricht University)

11:15-12:00: MCTS with Partial Information (Prof. dr. Peter Cowling, University of York)

14:00 hrs: Public defence by Pim Nijssen at Minderbroedersberg 4-6, Maastricht University