Symposium: Driven by Search

13:00-18:00 Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Maastricht University, Department of Knowledge Engineering

Tongersestraat 53, room H0.06

It is our pleasure to invite you to the symposium: “Driven by Search”, which will take place on May 24, 2011, in Maastricht. The symposium is sponsored by NWO, SIKS, BNVKI and DKE.

The international symposium “Driven by Search” will give an overview on recent developments on the topic of intelligent search techniques for different classes of games (one-, two- and multi-player games, stochastic or deterministic, and imperfect information games). Each class of games represents a level of complexity. Between every level there exists a complexity jump. With such a jump the complexity of the game increases significantly because the mechanism of the game is changed. This symposium will address the question how such a complexity jump affects the search method.



13:00-13:30: Reception of participants

13:30-13:45: Welcome

13:45-14:15: So you think you can play this game (Peter van Emde Boas, Universiteit van Amsterdam)

14:15-15:00: Simulation Search Control in General Game Playing (Yngvi Björnsson, Reykjavik University)

15:00-15:15: Break

15:15-16:00: Challenges in Monte Carlo Tree Search (Martin Müller, University of Alberta)

16:00-16:45: UCD: UCT for Directed Acyclic Graphs (Tristan Cazenave, Université Paris-Dauphine)

16:45-17:00: Break

17:00-18:00: Selective Search in Games of Different Complexity (Maarten Schadd, UM)

18:00-18:05: Closing