Mark Winands

Mark Winands is an associate professor at Maastricht University whose research interests are in the area of Variable-depth Search, Monte-Carlo Tree Search, Combinatorial Game Theory, and Proof-Number Search.

He is known for his Lines of Action program MIA/MC-LOA which won six times the Computer Olympiad, his Surakarta program SIA won five times the Computer Olympiad and his Clobber program MILA winning the Olympiad once. Mark Winands defended his Ph.D. thesis Informed Search in Complex Games in 2004. His thesis has been awarded with the ICGA Best Publication Award 2004.

He has been involved in the organisation of several Computer Olympiads, WCCC and Games Workshops/Conferences. He will be chairing IEEE Computational Intelligence and Games Conference 2018. Mark Winands is an editor-in-chief of the ICGA Journal and an associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and Games.



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