Lab coordination

  • Dr. Rico Möckel (associate professor)

Senior staff

The lab is open to all members of the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences 

  • Dr. ir Kurt Driessens (associate professor) [personal website]
  • Prof. dr. Gerhard Weiss (full professor) [personal website]
  • Dr. Charis Kouzinopoulos (assistant professor)
  • Dr. Guangzhi Tang (assistant professor)

PhD fellows

  • MSc Kirill Tumanov [personal website]
  • MSc Seethu Christopher
  • MSc Lucas Dahl
  • MSc Yiyong Gou
  • MSc Amir Ahangi

Students & Interns

  • BSc Philipp Hoppermann (internship)
  • BSc Matthias Löhbach (internship)
  • BSc Joren Vandelaer (internship, master thesis)

Former Members

Former Students & Interns

  • Irme Groothuis (bachelor thesis)
  • Panagiotis Chatzichristodoulou (master thesis)
  • Damien Lejeune (master thesis)
  • Robert Stevens (internship)
  • Max Buegler (master thesis)
  • Rutger van Driel (bachelor thesis)
  • Vincent Kerkhofs (master thesis)
  • Achim Leydecker (bachelor thesis)
  • Stefan May (master thesis)
  • Marc Romeyn (bachelor thesis)
  • Enno Ruijters (bachelor thesis)

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