fNIRS-based BCI for Robot Control

Multi-robot collision avoidance

MITRO: Maastricht Intelligent Telepresence Robot

Hector SLAM on Quadrotor (April 2012)

StiCo – Stigmergic Coverage Algorithm for Multi-Robot Systems (January 2012)

Flocking with e-pucks (April 2011)

Biomimicry foraging – experiment with multiple robots (February 2011)

Bee-inspired foraging in swarm robotics (January 2011)

Daniel Hennes’ research at Willow Garage, San Francisco, USA (2010)

First foraging experiment conducted at the swarmlab (December 2010)

Robotic Pacman (for PR and getting to know the robots; November 2010)

Robotic fireflies (October 2010)

Robotic ducklings (August 2010)

Tracking moving objects, first simple demo (July 2010)

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