Ms. Pac-Man

Ms Pac-Man, the classic arcade game from the 1980s is one of the best-known video games ever made. In the Ms Pac-Man vs Ghosts competition you are asked to create computer programs (controllers) to play the game as either Ms Pac-Man or the ghosts. The controller, which will have to provide a direction at every game tick (40 milliseconds), competes against all the controllers submitted by other competitors to determine the most effective strategy.

The goal of this competition is to determine the most effective Ms Pac-Man and ghosts controllers. The organizers have created an efficient implementation of the original Ms Pac-Man arcade game in Java. The controllers nterface directly with the game engine. All controllers submitted will be pitted against one another. The goal for Ms Pac-Man is to maximise the game's score (by eating pills, powerpills and ghosts) while ghosts should try to minimise the game's score (by eating Ms Pac-Man).

The Ms Pac-Man program Maastricht won the competition at the CIG 2012 and finished second at the WCCI 2012.

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